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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up to EExAT and Training

  • Is it an annual subscription?
    • EExAT is based on an annual subscription, which usually commences 1st September to 31st August each year. Subscribers who join mid-year will be charged from their joining date to 31st August.
      All users will receive the following academic year’s invoice during May and June for payment prior to 31st August. Monthly Direct Debit options are available for pre-schools and day nurseries.
  • Subscription for International Schools/Settings
    • Prices quoted in publicity and training entitlements are for UK mainland only and is priced per school/setting. Offshore, international schools and kindergartens please enquire for a bespoke quotation.
  • As an EExAT subscriber what free training am I entitled to attend?
    • Subscribers are entitled to attend and access free training offered by EExAT. This includes 2 free half day training sessions for new users and the free annual updates training usually offered in the Autumn Term.
      We recommend a lead teacher/manager attends the 2 free half day training sessions to gain an overview of the whole system and learn how to get started. Subscribers are entitled to one place on any selected training course per school/setting. If the Lead user leaves then a new lead can access the free training.
      All schools/settings should attend the mandatory updates training in the Autumn Term as per T&Cs.
      Additional training places can be booked at £65 exc. VAT per person.
  • Additional Training
    • Remote or face to face, bespoke training sessions can be booked for teaching staff – to support good assessment practice with observation, making judgements, gathering evidence and involving parents.
      Remote or face to face, bespoke training sessions can be booked for Senior Leaders and Headteachers – to support leading good assessment practice, with moderation, reporting, analysis and use of data.
      Please enquire for a bespoke quotation.
  • Is training mandatory for EExAT subscribers to attend?
    • Yes. The Free New User Part 1 and Part 2 Training and the Annual Updates are mandatory to attend.

Setting up your EExAT System

  • Reminder:
    • Attending the EExAT New User mandatory training will support subscribers in setting up the system. Slides are available to access on the EExAT account dashboard guidance materials along with some info graphics and recorded bitesize tutorials.
  • Handbooks, Guides and Support
    • A series of handbooks, guidance, support materials and the EExAT Child Development Milestones poster are all available to download from the EExAT Account, under the guidance materials on the EExAT dashboard.
  • How do I import children’s information into the EExAT system?
    • EExAT uses a Common Transfer File to add children’s details to the system. This document can be generated from MIS. If you don’t have a common MIS then you can use the template provided to create your own CTF or manually upload each child.

Reporting Tools

  • Guide to Reports
    • Additional information on the use of reports is included in the guidance materials on the EExAT Account dashboard. Here subscribers can download a description, key questions and possible actions to help with your data analysis relating to each report in the EExAT system.
  • Birth to Five Child Development Framework of Milestone Statements
    • The poster of milestone statements is available to download from the guidance materials on the EExAT Account dashboard. The milestones in EExAT were drawn from the work of nationally recognised child development experts and are set out to reflect the key milestones in children’s development in six monthly intervals. These milestones are not to be used as a tick list, it will take up to 6 months real time for a child to develop the milestone and each milestone in binary, ‘Yes/not yet’, not best fit.
  • Moderation
    • The EExAT system can be used to support moderation discussions and debate. Use the exemplification films alongside the pivotal learning evidence submitted to the in-setting/multi-setting moderation grid to carry out moderation as a team or group. Further guidance on the moderation process using EExAT is available in the guidance materials on the EExAT Account dashboard.

The EExAT Web App

  • Will the App work on Apple and Android systems?
    • EExAT is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. The Web App allows EExAT subscribers to collect, tag and upload pivotal learning evidence. For the optimum experience, we recommend accessing the system through a desktop computer, logging on via onto any device. Alternatively, you may choose to download the Web App to your device home screen.
  • Is there a limit to the number of devices we use with EExAT?
    • There are no limits set for the number of devices that you can use for the Web App. To set up a device you need to place the web app on your device home screen and then log in to EExAT using your existing username and password. From there you can create a pin code.

Children with Special Educational Needs

  • How will the developmental framework work for children with SEND and who are working at a much younger age developmentally?
    • EExAT will provide ‘on entry’ data as they join a setting. For children, who may be functioning well below age related expectations. EExAT exemplification includes film clips of children with SEND to support your observations and assessments. The Learning Journal can be used to record and celebrate each child’s progress and can be shared electronically with parents, supporting the home-school link. EExAT also offers the option to assign a ‘flag and note’ to a milestone, which may provide relevant information about an aspect of the milestone not fully achieved due to SEND.
  • What happens if a child with specific needs prevents them from ever achieving one of the statements?
    • In exceptional circumstances (e.g. A child has a physical condition that prevents them from using their hands) the alternative assessment symbol – the ‘flag and note’ tool on the system can be used. By entering this flag and a comment on the milestone which the child is prevented from achieving, the system will then attribute the score for that statement allowing you to move on to the statement in the next milestone. We recommend you keep a record of when and why you have used the flags for each child.


  • Can parents access their child’s learning journal? Can they download and print this?
    • Yes they can. Parents will be given an access code by their child’s teacher/key person and this will need to be activated by the parent by registering on The system will then allow parents to view, add to and print their child’s learning journal.
  • Can parents amend/edit my comments or tagged milestone statements?
    • Parents cannot edit a teacher’s/practitioner information but can add their own comments.
  • Can parents add an observation and tag this to a milestone statement?
    • EExAT will allow a parent to submit evidence [video, image, note/observation] to the school/setting. It is up to the school/setting to decide how to use the parents’ submissions. The school/setting will receive a notification when a parent has sent evidence to and when they have commented on their child’s Learning Journal. If the evidence is of a pivotal learning nature then the school/setting may choose to tag the evidence to a milestone statement and include this in the Learning Journal or file this with the child’s pivotal learning evidence.